Five Manchester United stats which show how Jose Mourinho has transformed his side this season

By | September 19, 2017
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 Some numbers which will give you a good idea of why Man United are genuine Premier League title challengers this season after their 4-0 win against Everton, the only reason Jose Mourinho’s side are NOT top of the Premier League is alphabetical order.
After their devastating start to the season, the common consensus is that United are now among the favourites to win the title.
Given they finished sixth last season, that’s quite a turnaround. So how has Mourinho masterminded such a change in fortunes? Here are some stats that may offer an answer…
1. They’re now getting stronger as games go on. There have been 24 Premier League goals scored in the final 10 minutes of games so far this season. Nine of those have been scored by Man United.
In other words, 38 percent of all the late goals in the top flight this term have been scored by Mourinho’s men.
2. They are sharing the goalscoring burden. United have already had SEVEN different goalscorers in the Premier League this season – more than any other team.
3. They are now far more efficient in front of goal. Last season, United’s shot conversion rate (i.e. the percentage of their shots which resulted in goals) was 12.4 percent. This season, it’s currently at 24.2 percent.
So, since they brought in Romelu Lukaku, United have become nearly twice as deadly in front of goal.
4. They are having more shots on goal. Over the course of last season, they averaged 15.6 shots per game. This season, they are currently firing in 18.8 shots per game.
5. They are finally getting the best out of one of their most talented players. Henrikh Mkhitaryan has now had a hand in more Premier League goals this season (6) than he did in the whole of LAST season (5). No doubt Jose will have some thoughts on the reason for all these major improvements.
Culled from Daily Mirror.

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