Nelson Semedo, from the streets of Mira-Sintra to Barça

By | July 17, 2017
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Nelson Semedo finds himself with a chance to move his career forward, something he has done throughout his development as a player, but now he can do it at FC Barcelona. Little would he have imagined as a 15 years old still playing street football in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon that he would end up at Barça, the team he always chose playing video games with his friends because he “always thought they are the best team in the world.” His progression from Sintrense, Fátima and then Benfica has now led him to have the chance to play at Camp Nou.

Nélson Semedo looks back at his beginnings in football in an interview with Barça TV, explaining that until he was 15, he had never played for an official team: “I tried a few times when I was young but I couldn’t manage it. I started playing in the streets and when I was 15 some of the Sintrense club staff saw me and took an interest. It was there that my football career started.”

Barça’s new signing is known for his abilities at right back, but when he was younger that was not quite the case. “I started as a midfielder and I also liked playing up front and scoring goals, then I moved to defence and finally to full back,” reveals Semedo.

The new blaugrana defender’s interest in Barça began early thanks to his one of his biggest influences. “I started to take notice of Barça because of Ronaldinho, he was a much admired player in the world of football. I saw him do fantastic things and that had a positive influence on me,” continues the Portuguese international.

From Mira-Sintra to Barcelona

Semedo was born in Lisbon but grew up in the nearby suburb of Mira-Sintra. The right back has nothing but fond memories of his home town: “It was a very position life experience, it’s a welcoming place, a little town with a family feel.” Unsurprisingly, Semedo reveals himself to be a person who places great value on family and friends. “For me they are really important, chatting with friends and family, even if it’s at home, is what I like,” he admits before describing himself as a “quiet initially but then I grow in confidence, a normal guy.”

Reunited with André Gomes

If there is one player at FC Barcelona who knows Semedo well it is André Gomes. The two players were together in the youth teams at Benfica as now play for the Portuguese national side together also. “I have spoken to André about how great Barça is, the good atmosphere in the dressing room and how it is like a family. I liked a lot what he told me and I am fortunate to be here to be able to experience it for myself,” concludes Semedo.

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